Kiwanis Volunteer Clubs Community Service Chippewa Falls
Officers & Directors



President: Timothy Tozer

1st Vice President: Brady Zwiefelhofer

2nd Vice President: Dan Winn

Treasurer: Nicole Kornesczuk

Secretary: Jason Martell

Past President: Don Weibel


Board of Directors  (Standard 2 Year Term)

Bonnie Phillips - Term: 2017-2019

Dennis Wolfe - Term: 2015-2017, 2017-2019

Patricia McGuire - Term 2017-2019

Tom Waldusky - Term 2017- 2019

Sandy Martell - Term: 2014-2016, 2016-2018

Mike Martell - Past President

Mary Jacobson - Past President


Board meetings will be the first Wednesday of each month from 1:00pm to 1:30pm. The board meetings will be held immediately following the regular Kiwanis meeting. All officers and directors are required to attend and committee co-chairs are invited to attend.