Kiwanis Volunteer Clubs Community Service Chippewa Falls
Contribution Requests


Guidelines for contributions:

To receive consideration by the youth and community services committee, requests for funds are to follow these guidelines:

  • Submit request in writing well in advance of when funds are needed.
  • Indicate the total cost of the project and the amount requested of the club.
  • Indicate the date by which funding is requested.
  • Indicate whom to contact if more information is needed.
  • Indicate who will benefit and in what way as a result of the proposed project.
  • Recognize that receipt of a prior grant does not assure successive grants or grants in the same amount as a previous grant.
  • Assure that written account of the use of funds will be provided in a timely manner.


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The Youth and Community Services Committee will give preference to projects that meet the following criteria: The project for which funds are requested...

  • Is consistent with the mission of Kiwanis.
  • Serves the needs (physical, social, spiritual) of youth.
  • Serves the interests of the Chippewa Falls community.




To request a contribution, please contact us HERE!